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Aquastrong is a white, environmentally-friendly, uncoated paper that has a variety of uses. Because Aquastrong is water-resistant, it is well-suited for maps, charts, start cards and score cards in sports - outdoors in all types of weather.

Aquastrong also works well in other situations where you need extra durable paper – for schedules and binders, as coating paper and for manuals that are exposed to harsh treatment and possibly dirty environments.
Aquastrong is also good to use for exclusive prints such as stationery, recipe cards, book covers and posters – limited only by your imagination.

That Aquastrong is a cellulose-based wet-strength paper is no hocus-pocus, it just means that it is tougher and more durable when it gets wet and has a waterrepellent surface.

Aquastrong's resistance is put to the test.

Aquastrong does not contain plastic fibres.

Aquastrong works with all printer technologies, whether it is offset, laser or inkjet.

Aquastrong can replace plastic in many situations.

Aquastrong gets its high strength and resistance to water from wet strengthening and long and short fibres.




  • high wet strength
  • becomes tougher, more durable and expands slightly when exposed to water
  • also has a higher tear strength when wet
  • available in two weights: 130 and 160 grams
  • designed for offset, laser and inkjet printers
  • ISO 9706
  • Aquastrong is designated ECF and is made from environmentally-certified pulp
  • Aquastrong is manufactured with energy from biomass energy plants (recycled wood)


Maps, charts, start cards and score cards in sports – outdoors in all types of weather. But also leaflets, brochures, handbooks, instruction books, manuals, posters, recipe cards, book covers, newsletters and more.

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