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Prime Archival is an archival paper produced according to ISO 11108.

Prime Archival paper is based on cotton fibres and has an unlimited durability - more than 1000 years.

Prime Archival is a watermarked paper for security and elegance, particularly suitable for all kinds of documents.

Prime Archival is especially suitable for frequently-used documents.
  Prime Archival is an extra strong and durable paper and is therefore highly suitable for documents exposed to severe stresses. It is suitable for documents that are to be bound for archiving and which may be handled again many years later.

Prime Archival does not turn yellow or become brittle with time.

Prime Archival is in a class of its own and is a natural choice when you want to convey quality in every respect.


Product information

Basic Facts
Standard grammage: 100 gsm
Standard sizes: DIN A4, A3 and A0

Quotations for other formats and grammages upon request.

Suitable for all photocopiers, faxes, laser and ink-jet printers
ECF (Elemental Chlorine-free)
ISO 9706

ISO 11108
ISO 11108 is the international standard for archival papers.
It covers papers for documents and publications intended for unlimited preservation and frequent use.


Archival paper:
  • is made from cotton, cotton linters, hemp or flax, but is permitted to contain a small amount of fully bleached chemical paper pulp;

  • must have a folding endurance in any direction (machine or cross) of at least 2.42 when determined with the Schopper instrument or at least 2.18 when determined with Lhomargy, the Köhler-Molin or the MIT instrument

  • has an alkalinity of > 2 % and a pH of 7,5-10,0
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